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Young, In Love, and Engaged

by Daley

This past fall, I studied abroad in Bordeaux, France.

People are always saying how studying abroad changed their life—little did I know how true this would turn out to be for me.

My first weekend in Bordeaux, I walked into a little gelato shop and met the man who would later become my fiancé. (This is the short version of the story–trust me, there will be many more posts on this later!)

I fell in love with Jean Philippe very fast, and both of us knew early on that we wanted to be married to one another.

I thought that I had been in love before, but it wasn’t until falling deeply, madly, and irretrievably in love with JP that I knew what it meant to really love someone.

By the end of December, he had proposed and we were engaged.

News that was extremely exciting was causing me anxiety.

I could hear the discouraging voices in my head already, But you’re so young! What’s the rush?

I told JP that I was a little worried to go back to the states and share the news with friends and family. It seemed nowadays, the only reason people married young was for religious reasons or a baby was on the way.

JP seemed to be pretty surprised by this fact, “Why wouldn’t someone just marry for love?”

I smiled. Why wouldn’t someone just marry for love? Why did there have to be justifications behind other people’s decisions?

It is as simple as love.

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