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Housing in Bordeaux

by Daley

The days keep going by faster and faster and pretty soon I’ll be on one of the worst itineraries I’ve ever taken to Bordeaux! (Turns out the route from Melbourne to Bordeaux is not very straightforward…hence, the poor itinerary)

So, with the date getting closer, this means figuring out my housing predicament.

I really was hoping to find an apartment by the time I got into Bordeaux so I could have some time living on my own and being independent, but looking for an apartment online from Melbourne turned out to be pretty difficult!

I didn’t feel comfortable enough with any of my finds to put down a deposit, plus it was kind of hard winning over a landlord when you can’t meet them in person.

I’ve been e-mailing back and forth with my contact at the UC (University of California) study center in Bordeaux to see if she had any landlord contacts who may have apartments that weren’t filled up by incoming UC students. As it turned out, there was a student who had withdrawn from the program for the year and an apartment had opened up last second! Fully furnished and for 530 euros/month with all charges included, it sounded like a dream.

I messaged the landlord and the apartment had already been filled by her niece! But, on the bright side it should be available by December (right when my love comes back to Bordeaux!) Plus, not snatching up that apartment right away means I’ll get a chance to visit the place and see if I like it before we commit to a lease.

This left me houseless from the end of September to possibly the end of November/early December.

What was I going to do for those few months!?

I spent a semester in Bordeaux last year and lived with a really great French family. (I’ll have to do a separate post all about a homestay experience!) Luckily, we’ve stayed in touch and when I told them my predicament about not finding a housing solution, they were gracious enough to let me rent out a room for the time being!

While I was really hoping to have an apartment by myself for a bit, I think everything worked out for the best! I feel so much less stressed knowing I’ll have a place to come home to (plus, already knowing where it is and what it looks like!) It already feel like I have so much to do as soon as I get into Bordeaux (get my bank account set up, social security, healthcare, etc) and having my housing sorted out already makes me feel so relieved. In the event that I do find an apartment, my homestay family is letting me pay on a weekly basis if I decide to move earlier!

For now, I’m not really in a rush to find a new apartment. I’m going to focus on getting settled and once I feel good about that, I can look into apartments if I want to.



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