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Dandenong Ranges National Park

by Daley



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This weekend, we got out of Melbourne and got in touch with nature!

One of Jean Philippe’s friends has a car and offered to take us to Dandenong Ranges National Park.

The area was really beautiful and serene. While I love being in the city–the hustle and bustle can get overwhelming at times, so this was the perfect little getaway.

Being surrounded by such beautiful trees, plants and wildlife was so serene.

JP even claimed to see a wallaby–I missed it! He kept stopping me after his sighting and would do this bit a few times during our visit:

JP: Look! Look!

Me: (expecting to see a wallaby or some sort of cute animal) What!? Where!?

JP: A tree!

Me: (pushes husband)

This was our first visit out of Melbourne! We would love to explore more, but getting out of the city is kind of expensive :/ So it was really nice for us to be able to visit the area. The park is about an hour away from Melbourne and has a great view over the city and the weather this weekend was perfect–sunny but a bit cold–my favorite.

I can’t believe my first visit to Melbourne is almost over! I’ll be back in the states for about a month sorting out my visa for France–I leave this Friday, but I’ll be coming back to Australia at the end of August.

There’s this saying I love–Absence is to love what wind is to fire; it extinguishes the small, it enkindles the great.

On the one hand, the distance has been good for JP and I because we appreciate whatever time we have together! People had warned me that living together would be hard because there are just things that get annoying at times–granted we’ve only been living together for a month, but it’s pretty hard to get worked up over small things because we’re just so happy to be in the same time zone!

I can’t wait for us to be in the same time zone permanently but I’m also really happy that neither of us are changing our plans or sacrificing our dreams to be together–we’re going after what we wanted before we met each other (JP studying in Australia and me participating in TAPIF) even if that means doing some long distance.

It was nice to be a little bit lazy together after having so much time apart, but I really want to take advantage of all that Melbourne has to offer during  my next visit. I think JP and I are going to make a little bucket list to keep us more on track for next time!

We still have yet to see a koala–but JP and I are not big fans of zoos. We would rather go to a koala sanctuary, where we know the animals are being treated kindly than support a zoo. Next time, we’ll be sure to check one out after we do our fair share of research 🙂



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