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Day Trip From Bordeaux – Château de la Brède

by Daley
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While Bordeaux is the city I choose to call home, every now and then, it’s nice to get out of the busy streets and explore what else the region has to offer. Just a 20-minute drive away sits the beautiful Château de la Brède. The birthplace of Montesquieu himself, this château is loaded with history.

Château de la Brède 

the daley diaries château de la brède the daley diaries day trip from bordeaux

The Park

the daley diaries château de la brède

Upon walking up to the castle, you’ll be surrounded by the sounds of birds chirping and the sight of cute little cows grazing the field.

One of the great things about Chaâteau de la Brède is they let you picnic in the park! So make sure to bring along a sandwich and a picnic blanket for lunch with a great view.

There’s something so serene about this place, bring a book or journal along if you’re feeling extra inspired. You’re also welcome to roam around the park and gardens for as long as you want! (Well, at least until closing).

The Castle

the daley diaries travelChâteau de la Brède was erected in the 13th century on the rubble of a previous château. The castle would go on to remain within the Montesquieu family descendants up until 2004. Today, the estate is managed by the Jacqueline de Chabannes Foundation, named after Montesquieu’s last remaining descendant to have owned it.

You’re able to go inside the castle, but only as part of a guided tour. Tours times depend on the day, so make sure to plan ahead and check the schedule before visiting. If you do venture inside, you’ll find an impressive collection of works of art and furniture. (Or so I hear, I didn’t actually go inside the château…)

Practical Info

the daley diaries travelUnfortunately, this beautiful château is not accessible by public transport as it’s located out in the countryside. You’ll have to travel by car, but it’s definitely worth the trip.

Ticket prices vary, with €3 being the entrance fee for the park or €6-€8 for free park entry and a guided tour of the château. You can also opt for both a guided tour of the castle and park for €9-€12. Students and those under 25 benefit from the reduced rate.

Personally, we just went for the park option and decided to have a little picnic and stroll. You can still learn a lot about the château from the free pamphlets in the main office!

Are any of you château fans? Is there another one in the Aquitaine region I should visit next?

Let me know down below!



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Lily Fang February 20, 2020 - 7:45 pm

Wow, Château de la Brède is so charming! Makes me want to take a trip there next time I’m in Bordeaux 🙂


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