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Arrêté de Nomination!

by Daley

With all of the excitement surrounding TAPIF, Facebook groups have been made and assistants started posting their placements. Their work contracts had already arrived! And most of the assistants who were posting about their placement had been placed in the actual city of Bordeaux!

I hadn’t received my contract/placement yet and started freaking out all over again.

The actual Académie de Bordeaux is HUGE so placement near the city isn’t guaranteed at all. While country living sounds charming–I wasn’t too fond of the idea for this upcoming year.

I know and love Bordeaux! I know how the public transportation system works and I am familiar with the city itself. This was especially important for me as I am planning on applying for another job since I’ll only be working 12 hours a week for TAPIF (The salary for TAPIF is pretty small and I’m hoping to make some extra money by working at a  café or pub). Plus, Jean Philippe works in graphic design–and his opportunities wouldn’t be so great in a small rural town. (Side note– once my contract is up with TAPIF, we are thinking of moving to Paris! There are lots of graphic design agencies there and JP has spent three years in Bordeaux–so he’s ready for a change).

I am currently in Melbourne–and all of my TAPIF documents are being sent to my family’s home address in Oregon. I started messaging my mom incessantly– “Has anything come for me? Anything? Are you sure???”

Then, yesterday, I heard my phone start going off with a million messages. It was my mom! And documents from Bordeaux had arrived for me!

Immediately, I had her open the letter and send me pictures of everything.

There it was–my arrêté de nomination with my placement. I took a deep breath and looked–MY PLACEMENT WAS RIGHT IN THE CITY CENTER OF BORDEAUX! I’m not exactly sure how this whole privacy and blog thing works–but to be on the safe side I think I’ll refrain from naming the actual school I have been placed at until I am finished with the program. But, to give you a little more info–I am teaching at a high school smack dab in the center of Bordeaux! I’m so excited and relieved.

I can’t wait to be back in Bordeaux!

Now I just have to sort out housing…the task sounds daunting but I’m actually very excited. I made some good contacts in Bordeaux including the study center that helped me out while I was over there! When I studied in Bordeaux, I lived with a wonderful French family and while I’m sure they would be able to host me for a couple of months, I really want to take some time to live independently. The women who worked at the Bordeaux study center are so sweet and the one who was in charge of housing for exchange students has set me up with some possible options! (I thought that was so nice considering I’m no longer a student and I’m really not her responsibility! She is just doing this out of the goodness of her heart!) I’m really hoping to find a studio or tiny apartment for myself.

Jean Philippe won’t be able to come to Bordeaux until late November/early December so I’ll be in Bordeaux on my own for the first couple of months. I’ve never lived completely alone before and I think those first couple of months in Bordeaux will be the perfect time to do this. It will give me a chance to live in my own space but it won’t be too long of a time where I start to feel lonely.

So, that’s my TAPIF update as of right now! I’m so happy that I’ll be working in a high school IN Bordeaux! I just hope cool chicly dressed French high schoolers are nice to me and don’t shove me in a locker or something. :O



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Katerina December 24, 2016 - 8:35 am

Hi Daley! Your blog is amazing! I Just applied for the 2017 TAPIF program and I think we are in the same boat. I studied abroad in Grenoble for a year, and obviously picked it as my top choice! It’s relieves my nerves/makes me so happy to hear that someone else was put back into the main city that they have already lived in. Out of curiosity- did you make a point to mention your time in Bordeaux in your application? I included a lot about Grenoble in my letter de motivation, and also attached my university transcripts. However, I’m not sure how much this will help me! If you’re willing to share I’d love to hear your perspective! You are so very lucky to have been placed in the city center!

Best xx

Daley December 26, 2016 - 3:55 pm

Hi Katerina!
I focused on my time in Bordeaux when writing my personal statement, though I used it more as a tool to talk about how I learned about Bordeaux/French culture while studying abroad rather than how much I loved the city! I think if you use your time abroad in Grenoble to talk about learning about cultural differences or French culture in general, it could definitely help you. For example, I talked about learning the French language and culture with the help of my Bordelaise homestay family.
Though I think what helped me get placed in the city center the most was my “attestation d’hébergement.” One of my in-laws lives in the actual city of Bordeaux and I was able to use her address to help me get placed working in the city. I didn’t submit the address in time with the application, but I was able to send it after already being placed in the Académie de Bordeaux (around April), so they didn’t require me to send in bills or proof of the address since it was being sent in so late. Luckily, they still considered the address when placing me in my lycée. If you have any contacts in Grenoble and you’re able to use their address as your proof of housing (even if you don’t end up living there) I would definitely recommend doing that! Preferably when submitting your application, though that will mean you will need to submit more paperwork.
Hope that helps!
Feel free to message me if you have any other questions.


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