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A Weekend in Cognac

by Daley
cognac tasting

A Weekend in Cognac

France’s third confinement has just come to an end!

Of course, the country is still under a number of restrictions, but now we are allowed to move between departments again. Restaurants and other non-essential business remain closed for the moment, but if you are trying to have some sort of ‘getaway’ experience, why not try a weekend in Cognac?

I have become a bit of a cognac enthusiast over the past year, and have been using any justification possible to get out of the city. Visiting Cognac seemed like a perfect getaway! And it was!

Cognac is only a one and a half hour drive from Bordeaux. This is the perfect chance to try cognac if you have not already. And if you’re sure you’re not a fan? Well, the region will still charm you with its beautiful vineyards and distilleries.

Cognac Tasting

First thing’s first, cognac tasting and visit! When it comes to visits and tastings, I always prefer to visit a smaller producer rather than the big name players. Most of the time, they supply a number of their grapes to the big distilleries anyway.

I recommend checking out Raison Personnelle. The tour experience is incredible. To tell you the truth, I do love doing these kinds of visits but I can easily tune out, especially if the visit is in French (though non-francophones, worry not, tours are available in English as well). This was not the case during my visit at Raison Personnelle. Sabien, our guide and the owner, was so captivating and passionate about she and her husband’s work, I was hooked! Plus the end of the visit featured a spectacular tasting. If you reserve with enough notice, you can do a cognac tasting paired with special chocolates!

cognac tasting

Spend the Night in a Chateau

When looking around for a place to stay, the actual city of Cognac didn’t peak my interest very much. I wanted to be surrounded by more greenery and with national curfew, wanted a place where we could still walk around after 7 p.m. while not risking a fine. We opted to stay at a chateau slightly outside of Cognac but still close to a number of distilleries and vineyards.

Even when the 7 p.m. curfew hit, we were still able to explore the chateau’s grounds outside, which was quite a treat after being cooped up in our no balcony/garden apartment in Bordeaux!

Dinner at the Chateau

The chateau has a dinner and breakfast option. You can opt for their three course dinner menu for €21 per person (just make sure to bring your own wine!) and breakfast for €10 per person.


(Due to restrictions, our dinner was delivered to us in three courses. Normally, you’ll be able to have dinner on the terrasse. Though I’ve got to say, I loved having ours delivered to us! It made the experience even more intimate and romantic.)

Coffee in Cognac

Take a stroll in the city center of Cognac and stop off for a café allongée (to go that is, unless you wait until after May 19th when restaurants and cafés will be able to welcome customers again). The actual city of Cognac is quite small and you can easily see all of the downtown while finishing your coffee.

Pineau Tasting

If you are more into sweet digestifs, Pineau des Charentes could be a great option to try while you are in the area. This fortified wine is a nice treat and you can find a number of tastings available.

So, what are you waiting for? 

What do you say? Are you going to give a weekend in Cognac a try?

Let me know in the comments below!




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