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A Bit of a Failed (but fun) Seize the Day

by Daley

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Last night, Jean Philippe and I decided that the next day–WE WOULD LIVE. Lately, we’ve been cuddling up in our apartment and have been in total relaxation mode. (I’m done with undergrad and on a bit of a summer break before TAPIF starts, and JP has about a month off from his school!) While we have been to our fair share of museums, we haven’t seen much else of what Melbourne has to offer.

We decided that it was time to seize the day and that we would venture out to the Queen Victoria Market. It’s a market that spans two blocks and is considered a major city landmark in Melbourne. The next morning, we sortofaccidentally slept in and groggily remembered our plans to “carpe diem”

We didn’t end up getting out of the house until about 2:30–

Then we hopped on the tram and we were finally off!

JP is a lot more attentive to people who may need to sit down on the tram than I am, so when I saw him looking up, I immediately turned around.

There was a sweet little old lady with a cane standing behind me.

“Oh, do you want to sit down?” I said, getting up and walking over to seat close by.

“No, no, no!” She said in a heavily Eastern European accent–hitting my feet with her cane.

“I move when the tram stops. I take that seat. Now, I stand.”

She was a funny, feisty little woman. She told a story of her sister who had fallen down on a tram and explained that she did not want my seat, she wanted the empty one close by. I nodded in understanding and turned back to JP.

As soon as the tram stopped, the little old lady took the empty seat which was among three other girls.

The girls were sitting cross legged, but in a way that sort of infringed upon the space in front of/near them.

“Excuse me,” the woman said shoving her cane at their feet.

The girls apologized and fidgeted–“EXCUSE ME” the little woman said, again, hitting their feet and legs with her cane, “You should not sit like this!” she scolded.

The girls looked shocked and made themselves as small as possible. I felt a weird combination of pity for them and could not help but laugh at the little old woman. She is the kind of person I could just write an entire story about. The feisty old woman with the little cane.

Once we got off at our stop we decided to have a coffee.

Supposedly Melbourne is the coffee capital–AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHY.

France will always have the best coffee in my eyes–you can grab a delicious coffee for a euro and sit at a charming café for as long as you like.

Since studying in Bordeaux, my coffee taste buds have changed. I no longer crave the sweet creamy Starbucks I once longed for–instead I prefer something that actually tastes like coffee with a couple cubes of sugar.

We went into the cafe and JP looked seriously at the barista–

“Okay–so I hear Melbourne is the coffee capital…Why? I don’t get it.”

I blurted out laughing at his French bluntness.

The barista shrugged, “I have no idea. What can I get for you?”

JP sighed, “A long black.”

I ordered the same and we took a seat. The coffee was meh.

Finally, we set off in search of the Queen Victoria Market.

Very soon into our walk, we realized we had missed it.

The area was pretty desolate–no one had their shops set up and almost no one was there! It may have been wise to check the trade hours beforehand–on Tuesdays the market closes at 2 pm. Whoops! But, during Winter they have “night markets” on Wednesdays–so we’re headed back tomorrow night!

The weather today was not too great for walking around an outdoor market, anyhow. As soon as we started walking back into town, the wind got crazy. My ears have never been that cold before–first they felt numb, then they just started throbbing.

We took refuge inside and ended up in this charming little shopping area near the main mall. The architecture inside is so cute and there were a bunch of little stores and cafes all around. I saw “Charles Dickens Tavern” and knew we had to pop inside.

In Bordeaux, there was a pub named Charles Dickens that JP and I would often go to (we stopped off there on our first date and went back many times more–once getting asked to leave due to our American loudness–good times).

We checked out the Melbourne version–and it was one of the strangest pubs I have ever been to.

The bar is underground and the lighting is a weird yellow-y—very bright for a pub–and the clientele is pretty much all senior aged people.

We enjoyed a little beer and then headed back home.

So–that was our carpe diem for the day! lol. Venturing out to a closed market and grabbing a beer in a senior style bar.

We’ve set alarms for tomorrow morning at 8:30–so tomorrow we will really seize the day and I’m excited to go explore the night market!



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