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€20 in Bordeaux for the Day

by Daley
bordeaux itinerary

Hi friends!

For those of you who are new to the blog, let me introduce myself.

My name’s Daley and I’m a 20-something expat living in Bordeaux, France.

I first discovered the city as a student a few years back and met and married my French/American love.

Since then,  I’ve been living in Bordeaux and there’s no place I’d rather be.

When I had visited Europe on vacation a few times before, I always thought of France as being expensive.

Maybe this is true for Paris (#teamBordeaux) but when it comes to living in Bordeaux, the city is so affordable, compared to my California living days anyway.

Today I’ll be taking you through a day in Bordeaux on a budget of €20. This itinerary will include everything from breakfast to dinner, site seeing and more!


Then grab yourself €20 and get to Bordeaux!

But first, keep on reading 😉

Coffee at Place du Palais €1.60

First thing’s first. Coffee. Start your day off on the terrace at Chez Fred. With incredible views of Porte Caihlau, you can’t go wrong. A coffee here will set you back €1.60. I love coming here because the views are amazing and the servers are always very sweet!

Just make sure you say “Bonjour” before you start ordering, even if you need to order in English…When in France, always begin with a “Bonjour,” it’s sure to brighten up any interaction. If you don’t, you risk the consequences of coming off as très malpoli.

Grab a Chocolatine €1.05

bordeaux eatsplace de la bourse bordeaux

After having your caffeine fix, stroll on over to À la Recherche Du Pain Perdu, a boulangerie just a few hundred meters away from Place du Palais and right next to Place de la Bourse.

Here, you can get a chocolatine for €1.05 and take it to Place de la Bourse for a breakfast with some views. A word to the wise– if you’re in any part of France other than the Aquitaine region, they call chocolate croissants pain au chocolats. But, over here in Bordeaux, we call them chocolatines.

Moroccan Mint Tea in Saint-Michel €2

bordeaux saint michel

One of the best parts of living in Bordeaux is how walkable it is. The public transport system is great, and only €1.70 for a one-way ride, but the best way to see the city is by foot. Plus, you can save the money you would spend on tram tickets and spent those euros on espressos…or wine, I mean you are in Bordeaux after all.

From Place de la Bourse, head on over to Saint-Michel, a neighborhood about a 15-minute walk away.

Try what the area is known for, their Moroccan mint tea. This delicious sugary drink is only €2 at all of the surrounding cafés. You can sip on your tea while admiring the Basilique Saint-Michel de Bordeaux.

Musée d’Aquitaine €3

Now that you have been thoroughly sugared and caffeinated up, why not visit Bordeaux’s history museum? Take a 12-minute walk over to Musée d’Aquitaine. The museum specializes in the history of Bordeaux and Aquitaine, covering prehistoric ages to modern day.

Admission is only €3 with a student I.D. and every first Sunday of the month, admission to all of Bordeaux’s museums is free.

Grab a Sandwich in Camille Julian €4.50

bordeaux boulangerieFor lunch, head on over to the charming Camille Julian. Here you’ll find cute cafés surrounding the square, but perhaps most importantly, you will find one of Bordeaux’s best boulangeries, La Fabrique Pains et Bricoles.

Grab a delicious sandwich for just €4.50 and eat your lunch over on the quais.

Take a Free Tour at Grand Théâtre €0

bordeaux grand theatreThe Grand Théâtre offers free tours for those who are under 26. Just be sure to make a reservation.  The tour is in French, but even if you don’t speak French I would recommend going.  You’ll get a peek into the beautiful nooks of this historic theater and of course, have some good photo ops.

Happy Hour at Siman €4

bordeaux itinerary on a budget

bordeaux itinerary on a budgetFrom Grand Théâtre, take a stroll along the quais and over Pont de Pierre. (If you don’t feel like taking the 30-minute walk, I suppose you can cave for a tram ticket by this point and cut your journey time down by half. But, if you’re trying to save €1.70 and want some more views of the city, walk!)

Across the river, lies the swanky bar Siman. Their happy hour prices are only €4 for a beer or cocktail (happy hour selects range from pina coladas, to mojitos, to caipirinhas, and cosmos). You’ll get the best views of Bordeaux as you’ll be facing Place de la Bourse and Mirroir d’eau.

Dine at Massa €6

Trek on back to the other side of the city for dinner at Massa, delicious falafel heaven. You’ll have a wide range of selection and for only €6, a satisfying and tasty dinner.

Final Price Breakdown:

Coffee – €1.60

Chocolatine (Breakfast) – €1.05

Moroccan Mint Tea – €2

Musée d’Aquitaine Ticket – €3

Sandwich (Lunch) – €4.5

Grand Théâtre Tour – €0

Happy Hour Drink – €4

Falafel (Dinner) – €6

Total – €22.15

And that’s your full day in Bordeaux for €20! Okay, €22.15…but I was close. For all three meals, coffee, tea, a cocktail, and cultural experiences, I think it’s a pretty good deal.

Can you get better value in the city you live in? Or should I try another Bordeaux itinerary with a bigger budget? Smaller?

Let me know down below!



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