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The Charm of the Polaroid

by Daley

BGP_1169BGP_1171BGP_1348Yes–the flash is embarrassing and the film can get expensive, but there is something so satisfying about a polaroid camera.

With social media and technology, physical photos seem to something of an anomaly. People don’t carry photos of their friends and family in their wallets anymore–they have their phones!

While studying in Bordeaux, my friend Connor would bring his polaroid camera around town with him. He would take pictures of all of us, pocketing some of the polaroids and giving away others for us to keep. I still carry around these photos in my purse and since coming back from Bordeaux, I’ve purchased my own polaroid camera!

I love being able to hold a photo in my hand only seconds after taking it. And I love being able to carry little photos of loved ones in my purse!

The polaroid camera may not be for everyone, but I find it so charming.

I may hang some of the polaroids up, put others in an album, or who knows–maybe I’ll just tuck them away in a box. But I love the idea of stumbling upon one of these polaroids in the future and immediately being transported to the moment it was taken. For me, the feeling of having a physical photo in my hand will always beat the instant gratification of pulling one up online.

If you’re at all romantic, you’ll probably share this same kind of admiration.

So–what are you waiting for!? Go make a scene with your big and bulky polaroid.

Your future sentimental self will thank you.



Photos by Becky Gmahling

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