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That Second Job and Housing Struggles

by Daley

It has been a very long vacation break!

I go back to work on Thursday (yes…school starts back up in the middle of the week) and I really cannot wait. Not having set alarms and work to do is driving me crazy.

I mentioned in my last post how I was job searching and there was one position I was particularly interested in. Well…to make a long story semi-short–I decided not to go with it.

At the interview, the job sounded amazing. And I was “hired” but hadn’t signed any paperwork or been given a schedule. I kept asking about hours and each time, I got a vague response and that my schedule would be given to me the week after–when I asked again, I got the same response.

After doing some digging, I discovered that many people who had worked for this company had had issues with the administration and bosses. So I decided to get out before it was too late!

Luckily though, I have a babysitting opportunity. I’m meeting with the family this week so cross your fingers that it goes well for me 🙂

JP gets to Bordeaux in early December and searching for an apartment had proved to be very difficult. Especially because this is such an awkward time of year to move and for apartments to be available.

I reached out to the study center that helped me when I was in Bordeaux last year, and the woman who was in charge of housing introduced me to a landlord. This was incredibly nice of her as she really had no obligation to do this seeing as I’m not a student anymore!

I toured the apartment and fell in love. The neighborhood and location are simply amazing and it’s the cutest studio apartment–I could already see JP and I making dinner and having friends over. I wanted the apartment so badly!

But the landlord was very hesitant about letting JP and I take it over. She felt it was too risky for her as she didn’t know us very well and our salaries weren’t super high. She did, however, know the woman from the study center very well.

At that point, I really didn’t think we would get the apartment and I should move on. But JP wasn’t ready to give up! He sent the most thorough and eloquent e-mail (in French, of course)–offering letters of recommendation from past landlords he had, a guarantee from his mother (basically equivalent of cosigner), and even offering to pay for the whole lease in advance.

The landlord said she would have to think about it and a few days go by with no response. I decide to reach out to the woman from the study center to see if she would put in a good word…and bless her heart, she did!

I got a call from the landlord saying we could have the apartment but she wanted to have the contract done by a man she knew from an agency.

Okay, sure, I thought.

JP asked if this meant we would now incur agency fees–and the landlord never replied to his e-mail. I sent her the exact same question after a few days of no replies, and, guess what–YES WE NOW HAVE TO PAY SOME AGENCY FEES.


We’re both frustrated and feel blindsided but at the same time, we don’t want to keep looking for an apartment.

We’re still waiting to sign the contracts and for her to get back to us…but hopefully the apartment is ours and we will move in on December 18th!

Part of me is afraid that something will happen before we sign the contract and the landlord will go “Oh, never mind you can’t have the apartment after all.” But I’m trying to stay positive! It’s just hard with all the ups and downs we’ve had within regards to this apartment so far.

Wish us luck!



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