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by Daley

Apparently reading online forums is like looking up your symptoms online–it leads you to believe you will die.

Alright, my situation may not be quite so dire, but I am stressing out! (Again–surprise).

I sent off the marriage transcription request to the Los Angeles French Consulate back in May. I need a “Livret de Famille” which will be sent back to me after the marriage transcription has been processed, and my spousal visa appointment is scheduled for late July in San Francisco.

But, since looking on online forums–I have discovered this livret de famille can take a long time–some people have said theirs has taken up to six months!!!


The French consulates do not like if you check with them again and again on your documents–

In fact, I received very specific instructions from them that the marriage transcription can take at least one month and they will not answer any questions about the document until two months after they have received my marriage transcription request–which means if the document gets lost or something happens, I cannot ask them about it until late July! Which is when my visa appointment is scheduled for!

I am leaving for Melbourne next week and I’ll be back in the US from late July to late August–allowing (or so I thought…) enough time for my visa appointment, processing and getting my passport back from the French consulate so I can then fly back to Melbourne before then flying to France to start the TAPIF program.

I guess all I can really do is wait.

My biggest concern is not having the documents ready and then not getting my visa–meaning then I cannot go live and work in France in time for TAPIF!

I suppose the other option is waiting for my work contract from TAPIF to come in and getting a teaching assistant visa rather than the spousal visa–but this option just seems silly to me seeing as I will eventually need to get a spousal visa and the assistant visa is not renewable.

My plane tickets are already purchased :/ I’m not sure how United feels about refunding or rescheduling tickets–but my experience with airlines in the past is that they are not so understanding when it comes to switching up dates and tickets.

Hopefully everything sorts out.

I’ll keep you updated!



Photo by Becky Gmahling

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