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French Girl Fashion and Back to Basics

by Daley

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I have always been enamored with the enigma of French girl fashion. It wasn’t until I studied in Bordeaux, that I saw the everyday French girl fashion in action.

Modest while remaining sexy–classic and chic–the French girl knows how to dress.

Walking around Bordeaux, I almost never saw any loud or bright “look at me” pieces. Women sported classics with an air of sophistication–the trench, the leather jacket with a huge scarf to keep them warm–things you could wear over and over again that would never go out of style.

Jean Philippe was (and still sometimes is…) shocked with not only how often I go shopping–but how I am constantly getting rid of clothes I no longer wear!

It was a little upsetting moving this year and giving away so many articles of clothing that I got very little use out of.

I now try to only buy pieces that I know I will be able to wear over and over again and still remain in love with.

This outfit has been a particular favorite of mine this summer–and it was also very affordable!

Here, I am wearing a classic green trench coat from H&M, wedges from Old Navy and this striped Who What Wear Bardot dress from Target! While I got all of the pieces for good prices, they’ve held up very well. No signs of wear yet!

The purse I am sporting is on the pricier side–but when it comes to handbags, I think it is a good idea to invest in something simple and high quality that you love. That way, you can match it with whatever you are wearing and you know it will last you for a long time. This black Kate Spade bag I found at Nordstrom Rack! (I can’t remember a time I have ever bought a designer bag from the actual designer–I always check the outlets or places like Nordstrom Rack first!)

The size is perfect because I can fit my phone, wallet and journal with extra room to spare. It also came with a cross body strap if I want to sling the bag over my shoulder instead of toting it around.

I love these pieces because not only can I wear this outfit over and over again and feel chic every time–but I can also mix and match these pieces with others! And I love that these items were all attainable price wise.

Hope you liked my first outfit post! Let me know if you want more of these sort of “style” pieces in the comments below 🙂



Photos by Becky Gmahling

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