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Fitting My Life in a Couple of Suitcases

by Daley

I leave for Melbourne, Australia in just two days!

While I have done my fair share of traveling—I’ve never been a great packer…

I’m sort of an anxious traveler.

I like to have everything I may need “just in case”—and this is a mentality has definitely not come in handy when it comes to traveling.

These upcoming trips are a little bit different because I’m not just packing for travel—I’m moving!

Jean Philippe and I will be settling into a little apartment in Melbourne for the next few months.

While we are moving into a furnished apartment, our apartment does not come with any linens. We discovered that linens, bedding—pretty much all household supplies were a lot cheaper at my local TJ Maxx or Target rather than his stores in Melbourne.

So, being the gracious wife that I am—I am sacrificing clothes space in my luggage for bedding and towels. (Okay—it’s really not being that gracious seeing as I will be back in the US in just a few weeks and can gather some more clothes–that I don’t really need–then, but it’s me and I like having options so it’s a sacrifice in a way…?)

The night we found out we got the apartment, I went straight off to Target in search of a comforter or blanket set. The things on clearance weren’t so cute in my opinion, but they were cheap! And I kept reminding myself that this apartment is only temporary, and we can get prettier things in France when we move into a place there 🙂

I found an 8 piece “bed in a bag” set on clearance for $30—the comforter is a sort of gray and white zebra pattern (ehhhh—I’m not too fond of the pattern but the grey and white I like!) It also came with aqua bright blue sheets and pillow cases (UGHIHATETHEMTHEY’RESOUGLYANDTHEYSCREAMTEENAGEGIRLORDORMROOM)

After buying the set, I went home, tore up the packaging and washed everything right away (making it non-returnable). The next day, I stumbled into TJ Maxx in search of frames—and just happened to pass the bedding. I HATED MYSELF SO MUCH RIGHT THERE.

Note to self—TJ Maxx carries very cute bedding at very affordable prices.

TJ Maxx> Target

Anyway, while I was just going to peruse the bedding I passed a very nice white sheet and pillowcase set with grey embroidery for about $15—I figured it may be nice to have an extra set during laundry days—(and I just hate the aqua sheet set so much I would find any excuse to validate buying a new set).

After buying all the bedding and trying to stuff my towels in the suitcase—I realized I would need some space saving options.

I ordered some compression bags for the first time in my life—and I have no idea how I have over packed for every trip and never used these things before!

They’ve saved so much space in my suitcase that I’m able to fit the comforter, pillowcases, two towels, hand and face towels, both sheet sets, and my clothes and shoes!

I have had to pack and unpack my big suitcase a few times to make sure I’m within the weight limits, but I’m pretty much all set as far as packing goes!

I’m bringing one check in, one carry on, and one messenger bag as my personal item for the plane ride.

My only real concern is being able to lift my carry on into the overhead compartment on each flight I have to take…

But I guess I’ll just have to try to make it work! Or embarrass myself trying.



Photo by Becky Gmahling

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