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First Day in Melbourne

by Daley

Two days ago, I arrived in Melbourne!

After a few very long flights, I cleared customs and jumped into my husband’s arms!

We hadn’t seen each other in two months—so the moment of reuniting was pretty surreal. It took us both some time to really believe that I was in Melbourne and he was right there with me.

The first day here was pretty packed—but that ended up being the best for my jet lag as I was forced to stay awake!

As a little belated honeymoon celebration and for our first night here together, we stayed at The Hotel Windsor.

This building is truly breathtaking. It was built in 1883 and is one of Australia’s only surviving 19th century hotels.

You are treated like royalty–a doorman is waiting to welcome you in and the entrance is very grand–with luxe red carpets and chandeliers hanging everywhere.

Our room was simply charming—you could see the 19th century influences but the décor was not pretentious which I really appreciated. Though—its age definitely showed. Something was wrong with the insulation and the bathroom was freezing! It was a little painful to even take a shower in there.

Nonetheless, the hallways and staircases were so majestic. It felt like we were a duke and duchess wandering around a castle.

For dinner, we had a reservation at the hotel’s restaurant—One Eleven. The earliest we were able to make the reservation was 6 o’clock and we had Matilda the Musical to get to by 7ish! (The show started at 7:30 but JP bought a VIP package for my birthday–so we wanted to get there a little early to take advantage of it!)

The restaurant’s ambience and décor did not disappoint and One Eleven was super accommodating about our time crunch.

I had their free range duck breast and JP ordered the miso roasted beef—truly delicious!

IMG_6618 2

IMG_6619 2

We also ordered a bottle of Balnaves of Coonawarra 2010 Cabernet. But we didn’t have enough time to really enjoy all of it, so the restaurant sent the bottle up to our room after we finished dinner.

The Princess Theatre was a very short walk away. We shuffled in and ordered our cocktails that were included with the VIP package (they were cute little concoctions, their names playing off of words and characters from Matilda).

IMG_6621 2

Pretty soon the show started and our seats were AMAZING! We were really able to see everything happening on stage and when more interactive pieces played out, we were a part of them—we had confetti fall on us and paper airplanes shoot out at us! I am so lucky that this was my birthday present—the show was an amazing experience to share together.

I haven’t actually read Matilda—only seen the movie. But the musical was based on the book, and now I am dying to read it! I was floored by the talent of the cast and crew. The songs are still stuck in my head!

I was afraid my jet lag would creep up on me and while I started to feel myself get a bit tired in the middle of the show—I was instantly awoken by the singing, dancing, and beautiful set pieces.

After a wonderful show we headed back to our hotel and checked out their bar. And after a beer (or maybe two?) we went back to our room and I fell asleep instantly! But hey—I stayed up till about 11:30 so jet lag isn’t getting me too badly.

Our first day in Melbourne together was so amazing. And while I loved the extravagance of The Hotel Windsor and The Princess Theatre—I am so excited for us to start living together as a married couple. The other day we went shopping for some basic apartment goods and it was so much fun!

I always have a good time with JP no matter what we are doing—and I can’t wait for the rest of our adventures in Melbourne to unfold! Whether we are out seeing a musical or cuddling in our cozy little apartment : )



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