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Day Trip from Bordeaux – Cap Ferret

by Daley

Just an hour west of Bordeaux lies the lovely Cap Ferret. Known for its oyster farms and cute villages, Cap Ferret is the perfect getaway if you’re looking for an authentic beach village experience.

Cap Ferret is packed in the summer time, so this Wednesday JP and I decided to “profiter” with the good weather and head there for the day!

One of the benefits of working in a French school is that most students don’t have classes on Wednesdays which means neither do teachers! (Or in my case, teaching assistants).

We packed up some sandwiches and drove out (and when I say we this really means JP…I’m far too terrified to drive around in France with its tiny roads and parallel parking and I’ve only ever driven automatic cars. JP also made the sandwiches but that’s just because I took too long getting ready and he takes good care of me 🙂 ).

There are a couple of beach towns around Bordeaux, but my favorite so far has definitely been Cap Ferret.

The biggest difference about Californian beaches versus French beaches is getting to the actual beach.

In California, all of the beaches I have been to have been super accessible. You park, walk a few feet and you’re there.

But due to France’s west coast geography, getting to the actual beach normally requires a bit of an uphill walk because of the sand dunes.

I was getting so impatient, I just wanted to see the ocean! I didn’t want to hike!

But, it was all well worth the wait. Going to Cap Ferret on a Wednesday in March, the beach was practically empty and we had the whole place to ourselves for most of the day!

I forgot how happy the sun, smell of the ocean and the sound of its waves makes me.

Bordeaux has some pretty gloomy weather during the winter months, and it was definitely affecting my mood. I am, after all, a California girl at heart and I need some sunshine and sand once in a while.

JP was in Australia for most of the last year and happened to be there during Australia’s winter months, so he hasn’t had a proper summer in over a year! It was so nice to finally be at the beach together and play around in the freezing water under the hot sun.

After spending the day at the beach, we headed into town. If you drive around Cap Ferret, you’re sure to find little oyster bars all over.

Because it’s not summer time yet, a lot of places close after lunchtime. We finally found a cute little restaurant open, La Cabane 57, and I had the best oysters of my life!

Oysters are farmed on site, so they’re as fresh as fresh can be.

Most of the restaurants that also operate as oyster farms will have limited menus–oysters, white wine, bread and maybe shrimp.

I was amazed at not only how good and fresh the oysters tasted, but how affordable they were! Coming from California, whenever I’ve ordered oysters they’ve been almost $4 a piece and served with tabasco sauce.

At La Cabane 57, you could get a glass of white wine per person, six oysters and bread all for the price of 11 euros!

Tabasco sauce with oysters is pretty much unheard of around France, but I found they tasted even better this way. Just a little bit of lemon juice and I was all set.

I finished my plate of six oysters almost immediately and ordered another plate right away.

JP watched in a combination of disgust and amazement–he is not an oyster fan. Instead, he picked at his plate of “crevettes” (shrimp).

The oyster farmer was the sweetest lady and happened to be our server as well. She told us now is the best time to do an oyster tasting because it’s right before oysters’ reproduction season, so they’re bigger and tastier.

For two glasses of wine, unlimited baskets of bread, a plate of shrimp and a dozen oysters, the bill totaled to 22 euros! Pretty good if you ask me.

The ambiance of this little oyster shack was so relaxing. It’s situated right on the water and you can hear gentle waves splashing as you enjoy your oyster tasting–or maybe white wine if you’re not a huge oyster person. Though, if you’re in Cap Ferret, this would be the place to try them.

The most delicious and relaxing end to a great day.



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