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A Special Birthday Surprise

by Daley

Like I mentioned in my last post, I was pretty bummed Jean Philippe and I couldn’t celebrate my birthday together.

love birthdays…especially mine >:)

Back in Bordeaux, Jean Philippe and I were watching “Matilda” one night. I whispered I love you for the first time–my heart was pounding hard and I wasn’t even sure if he had completely heard me. But I said it, I did it! I was proud of myself for not completely chickening out–no matter how small my voice may have been.

A couple of months ago I was looking at things to do in Melbourne. I love musicals and I happened to notice that Matilda would be playing at the Princess Theatre.

I brought this up to JP via FaceTime–

his face fell a little.

“I’m so sorry babe, that’s just not in our price range.”

I nodded, trying to make him feel better. I went on and on about how that was completely okay and I really didn’t want to actually go–I hated child actors anyway. (None of this was actually true, but I was doing my best to make him feel better).

I’ve been holding onto a pretty blue box for about a month now. JP brought it to me the week of our wedding and told me I was not allowed to open it until my actual birthday.

So–somehow, I didn’t sneak a look at the present before my birthday. (Very unlike me–I’m bad with surprises–either keeping them or anticipating them). I waited till the stroke of midnight and untied the little box while JP was on the other end of Facetime.

Tears started welling up in my eyes.

It was a ticket to Matilda! A VIP TICKET! JP had gotten us the VIP package for my first night in Melbourne. He bought the tickets a long time ago, so he was extremely anxious for me to open it after I went on a fake rant about how much I did not want to go to this musical.

But we are going!

I am so, so excited! This story means so much to me and I absolutely love musicals. I can’t wait to get dressed up with my husband and see the cast sing and dance their little hearts out.

Only a little over a month to go!

I don’t think a present has ever made me so emotional…except the other present that JP made.

Not too long after discovering my Matilda ticket, JP told me that he had something else for me. He sent me a link and I clicked on it.

I was taken to a video with JP introducing the content–he told me how a lot of people loved me and wanted to wish me a happy birthday. Pretty soon, my sister and friends from around the world were wishing me a happy birthday! JP had organized it all and edited the video with “Photograph” playing in the background.

So–my husband is much better at keeping surprises than I am.

And he managed to make my birthday so special even with being so far away.



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